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14 June 2022
Brussels, Belgium
IHI Kick-off and brokerage event

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IHI Kick-off and brokerage event

Learn how to be part of IHI's first projects, and find the best partners for your consortium. 

The Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) will launch its first calls for proposals in June 2022. The aim of this event is to provide potential applicants with the information they need to put together a strong proposal, and give them the opportunity to identify and meet partners for their consortia.

Info session

The first part of the morning is a classic info session. It will cover the topics of the first calls, the call conditions and rules for participation, and opportunities for SMEs. The session includes time for questions. In addition, IHI staff will be on site throughout the event to answer further questions from participants.


To submit a proposal for an IHI call, you need to be part of a consortium. That’s why the second half of the morning and the afternoon are dedicated to networking via one-on-one brokerage meetings and pitching sessions. The coffee and lunch breaks also represent good opportunities for more informal networking.

Brokerage meetings: Using the b2match tools, both on-site and remote participants will be able to set up one-on-one meetings with other participants.

Pitching sessions: During the pitching sessions, participants will have the opportunity to showcase themselves as potential consortium coordinators or partners during a three minute pitch on the stage. Participants who want to deliver a pitch must be on site. However, the pitching sessions will be webstreamed, allowing both on-site and remote participants to follow the pitches.

Why participate?

  • Get all the information you need to apply to be part of the very first IHI projects.
  • Identify and meet potential consortium partners via the brokerage meetings, pitching sessions and during informal networking opportunities such as the lunch and coffee breaks. If you are a consortium leader, this will help you to find specialised and qualified teams or experts to complete your consortium. If you want to join a consortium as a partner, the event will help you to find a suitable project coordinators/partners who may be interested in what you can bring to a consortium.

Who should participate?

Any organisation eligible to participate in IHI calls for proposals! This includes (but isn’t limited to) large companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, digital, and biotech sectors; small and medium-sized companies (SMEs); mid-sized companies; universities; patient organisations; medicines regulators; health technology assessment (HTA) bodies; payers, and more.


Registration is free but obligatory. 

Please note that for space reasons, we can only accommodate 300 on-site participants. As one of the main goals of this event is to facilitate networking, we will prioritise registrations from organisations that are actively looking for partners / a consortium and have created a 'marketplace' on this. We would therefore encourage people who are attending primarily to obtain general information on IHI calls to register as remote participants.

We will also limit on-site registrations to one per organisation.

Hybrid event

The event will be held in Brussels, Belgium and the info session and pitching sessions will be broadcast online to remote participants. However, only on-site participants can deliver pitches. The brokerage meetings will be hybrid, so both on-site and remote participants can hold meetings with other participants.


The venue is the Hotel Le Plaza Brussels, Boulevard Adolphe Max 118/126, 1000 Brussels.

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